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  • Past Student Comments on our Actuate Training Services

    "[He] is a Fantastic instructor, and did an excellent job presenting the material." - B.L.

    "Absolutely the BEST training class I have ever had!" - R.C.

    "[He] not only knows Actuate, but has a good understanding of e.reporting and the challenges associated with the reporting process." - R.T

    "[He] definitely knows Actuate and has an excellent technical background to help with the more advanced topics as well." - M.C.

    "The Instructor was patient, knew the material and was not condescending." - V.M.

    "I would recommend this instructor to anyone needing Actuate Instruction. - The Best!" - R.J.

    "The instructor was VERY knowledgeable on the entire Actuate System." - M.W.

    "A well experienced instructor, VERY knowledgeable, very professional" - B.T.

    "[He] knows Actuate and teaches extremely well." - J.C.

    "[He] is very knowledgeable of the Actuate tool which made the class very pleasing." - W.M.

    "Excellent communication skills! Good Review at the beginning of each day." - S.P.

    "The instructor has an excellent knowledge of Actuate." - F.K.

    "[He] is very knowledgeable of the Actuate Material. He was able to answer all our questions and even offered suggestions as to the best way to create reports in our environment." - M.M.

    "Our instructor was the Best. We want him to come back to teach us some more and to help us create our reports." - B.S.

    "The instructor definitely knew the subject matter and presented it well." - D.W.

    "The instructor was the best because of his knowledge of Actuate and he was very personable." - G.F.

    "[He] did a GREAT job and answered all questions knowledgeably." - B.B.

    "The presentation was VERY good and at the right pace. He demonstrated in-depth technical skills. He gave a colleague and me very good technical help on how to resolve our complex report problems. He is very knowledgeable and experienced." - V.G.

    "[He] did a great job!" - D.H.

    "Clear and to the point, patient with management's schedule." - C.K.

    "The instructor demonstrated that he has a wealth of knowledge in Actuate." - T.S.

    "Very knowledgeable instructor." - C.S.

    "As non-programmers and developers, I was/am very pleased with the speed in which the team picked up the knowledge. [He] was great in breaking down details for quick understanding. [He] is clear, professional, and flexible to the business needs. Great instructor! Would love to have him come back!" - B.R.

    "He used examples to support his lecture. He also sensed when he was not being understood and chose an alternate method to present the content." - T.C.

    "He Knew his subject matter well and adjusted his presentation to the varying levels of experience in his audience." - C.C.

    "[He] was very proficient with Actuate and had the answers to our questions. Very good teaching skills." - D.W.

    "[He] did a great job keeping the class focused." - S.N.

    "He explained topics clearly and answered all my questions." - S.Z.

    "Very knowledgeable and helpful - explained what the most important keys to the product were and reinforced it. Great Class!" - J.S.

    "[He] knows the product inside and out and was ready for every question we had." - T.V.

    "[He] demonstrated excellent mastery of the course material. He provided additional insights not found in the notes. Nice Job!" - F.B.

    "Very nice and patient to listen and answer questions from [the] students. He is very knowledgeable about the product." - D.T.

    "Excellent class. I was struggling with the Actuate reporting tool, but feel that I can continue with some success now. I look forward to additional training in the future." - M.S.

    "He seems to have a very good teaching background, and he knows the Actuate product very well!" - K.H.

    "Good Presentation, very involved and interested in the class. He took additional time to walk us through how to create a report from scratch, emphasizing some of the points we had just learned, to make sure we knew how to do it. He also took some of our live reports and converted them to Actuate to show us how to create reports using our own data sources." - P.S.

    "He took the extra time to explain concepts thoroughly!" - J.C.

    "He created a very focused environment that followed the course curriculum." - A.L.

    "[He] was an excellent instructor. He stayed with the book and explained the concepts in a way that was very clear. He was also very receptive to student questions and comments. He was very professional and welcoming to the entire class." - S.B.

    "[He] was very helpful in the classroom, took a personal interest in each student and was very knowledgeable of the material. [He] was very good at doing end of chapter reviews and gave ample time to complete all exercises." - A.S.

    "[He] was effective in demonstrating the information from the manual as well as inputing his experience and techniques to help promote better design." - S.G.

    "Not stuffy on a potentially boring subject...kept the class interesting while being interesting and informative." - W.B.

    "[He] obviously knows Actuate. He is a disciplined instructor (doesn't get off track or sucked into long discussions). I have been a software developer for almost 30 years and have attended dozens of training classes. This was one of the best (knowledgeable instructor, well-organized class, good computer hardware and plenty of space)" - J.S.

    "The teacher is very experienced and teaches very clearly, as well as communicates with students very well." - H.K.

    "Very knowledgeable - used work experience to add to course. Always followed up on class progress and always followed up on student errors." - T.F.

    "Knows the content, relates to the class, great reviews." - B.D.

    "Showed understanding not only of the material, but of practical problems and solutions to those problems." - D.K.

    "Good presentation, very understandable, clear and at a good pace for the needs of the class. [He] was very helpful to me in understanding how to implement a few specific report examples that we use at [our company]." - N.S.

    "He really wants you to know what you are doing. Very knowledgeable." - J.L.

    "[He] Kept the material interesting and stopped to answer all questions honestly. [He] gave good examples. The facilities and equipment were above expectations." - T.C.

    "[He] is very knowledgeable and knows his way around the application and demonstrates that to the class. I would definitely take another class from [him]!" - H.C.

    "Very knowledgeable. Took time to ensure understanding. 5 out of 5!" - B.S.

    "The students brought many questions to the class and [he] was able to think through the questions and present multiple solutions. When [he] did not know an exact answer he would work on finding an answer while the class worked on exercises. [He] made himself available to answer all class questions." - W.B.

    "[He] was very knowledgeable, and gave clear guidance." - M.N.

    "He knows the product VERY well. It was a joy to see him work. [We] Would use him anytime we could." - C.P.

    "[He] did a great job showing us how to build and run reports." - M.K.

    "Very knowledgeable. Knows the product very well." - A.L.

    "I liked the pace of the class. [He] was very knowledgeable and provided examples and answered specific questions related to real world usage. [He] was able to jump from subject to subject depending on the questions asked. His knowledge and flexibility make him an excellent instructor - especially for small classes where students are more interested in specific topics." - D.S.

    "Instructor kept us very focused as we had a tremendous amount of material to cover in a short timeframe." - C.C.

    "Helpful, answered our questions, polite, showed up on time, knew the material." - V.T.

    "[He] was very good. Very knowledgeable of Actuate. Very friendly." - W.J.

    "Instructor was very knowledgeable about Actuate. He was able to show shortcuts, alternate methods and expand on material in student guide. I had no previous access to Actuate. The instructor was extremely helpful to show me which topics to spend extra time on and worked with me one-on-one to make sure I understood." - V.V.

    "Good job! Very Knowledgeable! I now have a much better understanding of the reports Actuate can produce, as well as the details of implementing the features." - E.H.

    "One of the best courses I have ever attended. It would have taken us months to learn what [the instructor] taught us in 4 days! Outstanding knowledge of tool and didn't spend too much time on 'bare bones basics' - Good Job!" - D.B.

    "[The instructor] responded to every query on the subjects and other job scenarios with lots of real-life examples and detailed answers." - J.P.

    "A very good instructor. It was obvious he was here to help on command. If all your staff is this good, you are very lucky!" - J.V.


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