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  • Integrating and Deploying BIRT

    Course Length:
    3 days

    Who Should Attend?
    Developers and Project Managers

    Students must be experienced Java programmers with practical knowledge of BIRT Report Designer and the Eclipse IDE.

    Course Description:
    This BIRT training course provides a fast start for developers interested in building and deploying reporting in their Java applications. The course includes extensive coverage of advanced scripting with BIRT reports, as well as using the BIRT Java APIs to embed BIRT reports in Java applications. The Eclipse-based development environment is used throughout the course.

    Using a highly interactive, instructor led format, students are able to quickly leverage the BIRT technology to solve the reporting challenges in their applications without time-consuming trial-and-error experimentation. This class is essential for the developer looking to quickly come up to speed with BIRT and integrate it into their application.

    By the end of this course, developers will have mastered the skills to:

    Customize the report-generation process
    Control both the run phase and render phase of the report engine
    Send commands to the BIRT Viewer to display reports
    Incorporate complex business logic in their reports
    Add reporting capabilities to a Java application
    Create report designs programmatically
    Deploy BIRT reports to an application server

    Students learn these programming concepts by working through exercises and reviewing sample code. Each student receives a workbook, which contains all the exercises students will complete in class. Students also receive Integrating and Extending BIRT, the book published by Addison-Wesley.

    Writing JavaScript Event Handlers in BIRT reports
    Developing reports with Scripted Data Sources
    Writing and debugging reports with Java Event Handlers
    Creating report documents, running and rendering reports in HTML and PDF using Report Engine API
    Extracting data from BIRT reports using Report Engine API
    Obtaining report parameter definitions using Report Engine API
    Creating BIRT reports using Design Engine API
    Modifying BIRT reports using Design Engine API
    Adding computed columns to BIRT report designs using Design Engine API
    Creating and rendering charts using Chart Engine API
    Deploy the BIRT viewer and report engine to an application server
    View report using the BIRT viewer installed on an application server

    Cost: $1,500

    Prices are per student and include all training materials. Please call 501-952-8110 for discounts if sending more than 1 student to the same class.


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